12 Minimalist Toys that Entertain a Child At Home

12 Minimalist Toys that Entertain a Child At Home The list of minimalist toys I have put together will give children the opportunity to explore materials in many creative ways, make discoveries for themselves and play out imaginative scenarios from their daily life. Other items are typical Montessori items that will allow the child to refine their grasp, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, concentration, and

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Top 5 fermented foods to make At home Easily

My Top 5 Fermented Food Recipes Before I discovered the ancient practice of fermentation I didn’t realize that eating expired food can be so beneficial.  Nowadays, I  see fermented foods, things like sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir as a form of health insurance. Making my own homemade probiotics saves money over the long term on doctor’s visits, prescription drugs and missed quality of life. Not to

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10 DAYS A MONK BEFORE MY BABY – My Vipassana Meditation Experience

A day in my life at the Vipassana Meditation Retreat Day 2: Wake up at 4am I woke up at just after 4 am. It was a struggle this time. My whole body hurt and my night sleep was interrupted by pain, anticipation for the new day and dreams of different kind. I wandered down the hall at 4.30am and meditated for almost an hour between

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The Best Gluten Free Apple Crumble Recipe

I love apple crumble Recently I have been making a lot of apple crumble especially for my kids. It is reminiscent of my early 20s when I wanted to start eating a bit healthier, sigh!  I remember after having my dinner with my, then boyfriend, we would look at each other and think “it’s time for some apple crumble!”. During this time I used to make

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