8 Google Meet Tips Every User Should Know

8 Google Meet TIPS Every User Should Know!

Google meet is a video calling service that used to be exclusive to G Suite users. This platform has now been made available to everyone for free! Google Meet is available everywhere and you can create or join meetings from any device you have access to, as long as you have Wifi! You can start meetings using your laptop by going to the Google Meet website. You can also use Google Meet using your iPhone, iPad and Android phone.

So here are some tips and tricks which will make you a pro in Google Meet Meetings.


Tip One: Quick Start Meetings

One of the best parts of Google Meet is that you can start a new meeting with one click. You can access Google Meet in two ways. The first way is if you have a Gmail Account, once you are logged in you will see on the left-hand side bar a ‘Start a meeting’ and ‘Join meeting’ option.

The other way is you can go to ‘ meet.google.com ‘ and once there anyone with a Google account can start a new meeting easily on the browser without downloading any app.


Tip Two: Live Captions

Google Meet is the only service that can add live captions to meetings so you can understand a person better during a video meeting. This can be enabled and disabled when you are in a meeting on the meeting controls toolbar at the bottom of the screen where it says ‘turn on captions’. This is a useful feature that can help you comprehend people better if the connection is weak and you cannot hear their voice. You can try this for yourself to get an idea of how well this works, we are pretty impressed with this feature!


Tip Three: Live Chat

Live Chat is again a handy feature to help you send messages during the live meeting. If you are not able to understand someone in the meeting then you can send messages in live chat. The only downside to this option is you cannot send or receive documents or files; we reckon Google needs to add this future!

To access the live chat, you can select the icon in the top right of the screen that looks like a conversation or speech icon. From here you can type messages and send using the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard.

Tip Four: Share Your Screen

If you want to demonstrate any presentation from your laptop or desktop then you can do this by using Google Meet too. This option lets you project your desktop screen to the live meeting. To do this you can click the ‘present now’ button on the bottom right of your screen. From here you can choose to share your entire screen or just a window that you want to share. The downside with this feature is that it is very limited in comparison to Zoom . There is no possibility to share a white board, or your iPhone and iPad screen, but if you are using this for personal use then it will suffice.

Tip Five: Attachments

At the far left under ‘meeting details’, up at the top right-hand corner there is an item called ‘attachments’. What usually happens is that a lot of meetings are scheduled on your google calendar. For example, you could invite someone to join a meeting at 5pm. There might also be an attachment saying we are going to review this document or spreadsheet. Google brings all the attachments from your Google calendar right to the forefront when it is shown here in the meeting. That is a really nice touch in google meet.

Tip Six: Change Layout

Google Meet comes with a layout feature that lets you customise your video screen layout according to your preference. There are three varieties to choose from, by default the ‘Auto Mode’ is selected. You can choose from the Spotlight,  Sidebar Spotlight, and Tiled layout for your meeting. You can access the Google Layout feature by clicking on the ‘three dots’ on the bottom right of the screen then click on ‘change layout’, which is the first option in the drop down menu. Select the layout of your choice by clicking on it.


Tip Seven: Schedule Meetings on Calendar


Google Meet also gives you the opportunity to setup a ‘Google Meet session’ from your calendar. You can access your Google calendar by clicking on the app icon on the top right-hand corner when you are at a Google page and select ‘Calendar’. You can set the layout of the calendar to month. When you click on a specific date on the calendar, you can add the title and time. Then, you can invite some guests and there is also an integrated option which says ‘add google meet video conferencing’. Once finished save, and when you click into the calendar event you can now start a meeting. So, it makes google meet part of the calendar invitation which is pretty neat when you are sending out invitations to people in advance. Google has done a nice job integrating Google Meet into their other products.


Tip Eight: Short Cut Keys

If you are using either a Windows or Mac laptop, these short cut Keys are nearly identical. The only difference is the ‘CTRL’ Key on Windows is replaced with the ‘Command’ Key on Mac. Here is the complete list of useful short cut keys:

  • (Ctrl + E) either disables of enables the camera depending on its current status.
  • (Ctrl + D) either mutes or unmutes the microphone depending on its current status.
  • (Ctrl and /) – opens the shortcuts help window in a productive meeting.
  • (Ctrl, alt, + P) – shows or hides people in a meeting.
  • (Ctrl, alt, + C) – shows or hides chat in a meeting.
  • (Ctrl, alt, + A followed by S) – announces the active speakers.
  • (Ctrl, alt, + A followed by I) – announces the contemporary room information

So, to wrap up, although Google Meet doesn’t have as many features as the Zoom video conferencing platform. We believe the best part about it is that you can easily video conference with anyone, anytime. There are no download apps needed, no tricky passwords needed and no security issues.

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