The Best NATURAL Moisturizer for Dry, Rough, Itchy Skin (Glycerine & Rosewater)

The Best NATURAL Moisturizer for Dry, Rough, Itchy Skin

This article is about one of the best natural skin remedies for dry, rough and itchy skin.  I am updating this blog article which was originally written in 2015. At the time I had been using the combination Glycerine and rosewater/spring water for over 5 years. Now in 2020, I am still using this natural moisturiser to hydrate my skin everyday and I still love it as much as then. I have saved hundreds of dollars on expensive skin products and my skin is subtle, smooth and radiant.  I am honoured to share this simple and effective natural moisturiser with anyone struggling with dry, rough, itchy skin or if you are looking for a moisturiser that is affordable and effective.

Please read my full skin story below.

What is Glycerine

Vegetable glycerine, or glycerol, is a clear, odourless liquid produced from plant oils, usually coconut oil, palm oil or soy.

Purified vegetable glycerine has a texture similar to an oil or syrup due to its organic molecular makeup.

Glycerine Uses

Glycerine is a popular ingredient found in many beauty products because of its amazing moisturising effects. However, due to many other artificial chemicals added in many brands today, most of the moisturisers on the market are ineffective at most at treating skin issues and damaging at worst.

Glycerine is put into these products because it is a humectant; a substance that attracts moisture to the skin. In the cosmetic world, this has two practical applications.

First, glycerine leaves your skin hydrated. Glycerine soap, for example, is popular for that very reason.

Second, for cosmetic products that deliver an active ingredient, a humectant can increase the solubility of the active ingredient, making it more easily absorbed by the skin.

My Dry Skin Story

I suffered from eczema in my late teens and early twenties due to over sun exposure and the use of harsh skin products, these issues, however, are now a thing of the past. I have been using glycerine and rosewater for more than 5 years now and haven’t looked back since.

Before then, I tried many natural products, such as, virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil and sheer butter. I found that with most oils they simply don’t penetrate the outer layer of the skin unless you apply them straight after coming out from the shower. I also tried many moisturisers, some better than others, but many very overpriced and most didn’t fulfil their promise on the label.

For this reason I recommend to anyone dealing with any form of dry skin or other skin problems, give this a go for a few months and see how you feel. It may feel too oily on the skin at the beginning but with time you will get used to it and love it. The results after a few months, especially on the hands are mindboggling; skin looks younger and healthier than before

How to mix it up


1) Vegetable glycerine

2) Rosewater (if rosewater is not available where you live or it’s too expensive, substitute it for spring water).


* Mix equal parts glycerine with equal parts rosewater in a spray container. If you want a thicker consistency put a little more glycerine than rosewater.


Generally it is best to mix glycerine with water because by doing this glycerine will absorb as much water as it needs so it won’t absorb more from your skin or the surrounding. Avoid using pure glycerine on your skin because it can create the opposite effect causing dryness. Mixing it with water / rosewater is the right combination.

Where to Find Glycerine

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    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m making more and more of my own products now as I become more anti addictive, so this brilliant, I’m looking forward to trying it.

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