Mailchimp Tutorial in 2020 | How To Use Mailchimp – From Beginner to EXPERT

This is an updated Mailchimp email marketing tutorial for beginners in 2020 that covers to how to sign up for a free mailchimp account. You learn how to create an Audience list. I show you how to add subscribers manually and how to import contacts. We will cover sign up forms that come with mailchimp and also beautiful sign up forms that are for free that you can install on your wordpress website. I show you how to create tags to help you split your audience into groups. You will learn how to send a final welcome email where you can attach a free gift in exchange for people’s email address and name. We will also create a template that you can reuse whenever you want to send out a new email campaign. In the video I show you how to create a regular email campaign and an automated welcome email campaign. And I will show you how to analyse your analytics also known as reports. ********************************************************* MAILCHIMP TIMESTAMPS: 1:40 – Mailchimp Sign-up 4:01 – Upload Profile Pic 4:36 – Create Audience 7:40 – Add Subscribers 8:27 – Import Contacts 11:11 – Tag Audience 11:40 – Sign up Forms 16:06 – Add a Free Gift (PDF) 20:15 – Embedded and Pop Up Forms 21:20 – Create a Template 30:18 – Create a Regular Email Campaign 39:40 – Check Email Analytics/Reports 40:10 – Create Automated Email Campaign